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Hemodialysis and dialysis dept

Each year, there are about 8,000 new kidney failure cases in which the kidney failures due to complications of metabolic diseases (diabetes, gout) have increased in the recent years. The kidney failure is known as a silent "killer", many people only detect it when it is end-stage kidney failure. The main causes are pathologies in kidney, hypertension and diabetes. Progression of chronic kidney diseases will lead to chronic kidney failure which losses the kidney function and use alternative treatments such as kidney hemodialysis, kidney transplantation.

When you own a health insurance in Dong Nai General Hospital with 100% enjoyment level, only with 0 VND you improve the quality of life for your loved ones under hemodialysis at Dong Nai General Hospital  -Zone B – Luxury Service Ward. For patients without the health insurance, the applicable service price is 499,000VND/ dialysis.

For any questions, please contact to  0993 001 999 for more details

Some pictures of Hemodialysis Dept.  at Luxury Service Ward.

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